Water Chemistry

Water, which plays an important role in every aspect of our daily lives, is the most valuable natural resource we have on this planet. Drinking, bathing, cooking, regeneration, cleaning, production, energy, and many other uses of water originate from some of its versatile, useful, basic, and unique features. The access, purification, and reuse of water on our planet, which is of course not endless and not available for direct use, is directly related to the water chemistry that explores its inimitable properties. This book includes research on water chemistry-related applications in environmental management and sustainable environmental issues such as water and wastewater treatment, water quality management, and other similar topics. The book consists of three sections, namely, water treatment, wastewater treatment, and water splitting, respectively, and includes 11 chapters. In these chapters, water-wastewater remediation methods, nanomaterials in water treatment, and water splitting processes are comprehensively reviewed in terms of water chemistry.The editors would like to record their sincere thanks to the authors for their contributions.

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ISBN 1789855578
Pages 250 pages
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