Period Ship Kit Builder's Manual

A practical manual for marine model makers who choose to build their historic model ships using a kit. Beginners and intermediate modellers are particularly catered for, but older hands will also find much of interest. From the moment the first thought is given about making a model ship, this book takes the builder through all the various stages of the project, from kit selection through construction; the pitfalls and how to avoid them. Much of the myth and mystery is taken out from what many consider to be a tricky subject, and the language and terminology is simple and explanatory throughout. 100 photographs support important steps in the text and these will provide the model maker with the encouragement to go on and enjoy the construction of a wide range of period ship models. - Choosing your kit - Adhesives, Finishes & Fixings - Tools, Maintenance & Safety - - Research, History and Accuracy - Building the Basic Carcass - Hull Planking - - Deck Planking - Wales and Rails - Stern & Quarter Galleries - Gun Ports - - Deck & Hull Fittings - Guns & Rigging - Ships' Boats - Masts - Yards & Spars - - Sails - Standard & Running Rigging - Kit Manufacturers & Available Products -

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ISBN 9781854862280
Pages 142 pages
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