The True Legacy of Dr Tom Boring, An Unsolved Murder Mystery Biography

In the Pre-dawn hours on May 10, 1980 two youths were driving down a Mississippi Street when they noticed smoke billowing off in the distance at a house fire. The two youths reported the fire to the nearest fire station at 3:28 a.m. that was located only three blocks from the house engulfed in flames. The home on fire was that of U.S. Navy Veteran Dentist Dr. Tom Boring and he died in the fire as a result of a Cold Case murder mystery that stunned everyone in the Mississippi Delta and people within the fine art photography community. Tom had been involved throughout his life in a number of controversies with the law. Twice within his lifetime he had his Dental license revoked for convictions concerning manufacturer or possession of marijuana. Tom's unsolved murder is just one episode in his highly unconventional private life that involved guns, alcohol, drugs and women. His Legacy is best known for fine art color photographs his friend photographer William Eggleston brought kicking and screaming into the art world over 40 years ago. His life story detailed in the pages of this book is about what happened before, during, and after the famous photograph (Untitled) Greenwood, Mississippi 1973, informally known as "The Red Ceiling", was taken by William Eggleston in Tom's home. In the photo shows a naked light bulb in the center of a bright red ceiling. "The red ceiling is simply a red ceiling with diagonal cables and a light bulb hanging down in the middle. There's a Kamasutra freeze. There's something pornographic here almost. It's the sight of a murder. A horrible murder. The walls are bleeding. It could also be witnessed by a fly. You know buzzing around that bulb in the abstinent heat. The room probably stinks. One picture of a red ceiling and it can carry all that. It is about surface and it's not. It is about what it depicts and it's not. It is about something much more." Quote by Mark Holborn from Imagine/The Colorful Mr. Eggleston The True Legacy of Dr. Tom Boring will forever transform the way you see and get you closer to photographs taken in the 1970's of Tom and his home by William Eggleston, while recreating the crime scene of where and how he was murdered in the Mississippi Delta.

Publisher Jane Flowers
Release Date
ISBN 0578690934
Pages 194 pages
Rating 4/5 (33 users)

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