The Longevity Matrix

The Longevity Matrix shares a strategy to help people achieve an extreme level of wellness and vitality. Michael T. Murray, N.D. does not think it is enough to live longer. The desire should be to live better and stronger with a tremendous amount of health, energy, fulfillment, and joy. Dr. Murray believes that if focus is put on accomplishing these goals, then living longer will naturally take care of itself. In naming this book, Dr. Murray chose a descriptive title – The Longevity Matrix. A matrix refers to a set of conditions that provides a system in which something grows or develops. In this context, the “Longevity Matrix” refers to creating the best set of conditions to develop longevity. If that happens, not only will it lead to a longer life, but it also allows the systems within the body and mind to function at the highest possible capacity. Within The Longevity Matrix, Dr. Murray offers a step-by-step approach to improve the function of each body system in order to help people make their health chain as strong as possible by strengthening each individual chain.

Publisher Morgan James Publishing
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ISBN 1631951386
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