From the Berlin Wall to Coronavirus Covid -19

"30 Years Global", from the demolition of the Berlin Wall to the Covid-19 coronavirus. The years, from 1989 to 2019, were years characterized by two contextual and peculiar phenomena: "dysfunctional acceleration" and "dysfunctional homologation." Dysfunctionality is the result of a global system steeped in new dogmas, and contrast between technical, statistical, financial needs, real conscious needs of the lives of men, women, elderly, children. An accelerated world needs approval. This is the theme of the book. A mechanism, like an assembly line, which in the long run creates further complications and collides with a millennial empirical reality: human beings have always been linked to nature and its rhythms, somewhat slow and seasonal. The real financial activity was born with futures contracts on raw materials.From 1989 to 2019, humanity has dragged into a nice mess. We have intertwined the lives of men and women in the global market. The balance of a complex system depends on the weakest link. All the great statesmen, strategists, leaders of history know this. We have grown bigger, accelerated, with infinite commercial pos-sibilities. But, there are other consequences, since the same time, financial interdependence creates widespread weaknesses, extinction of what is not homologated, loss of cultural and historical value, the birth of new financial and economic dogmas, enslavement of art and spirituality, psychological and pedagogical dysfunctionality, identity crisis, lack of vision, absence of hope and reduction of trust in men and life.

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