F**k It Therapy

If every therapist and psychotherapist on the planet could repeat this to their clients, like a mantra, again and again, there would be fewer therapists and psychotherapists. Because it works. Very quickly. Realising that what you're worrying about and stressing over doesn't really matter so much in the grand scheme of things is the door to freedom and healing. And the little profanity 'F**k It' is the key to that door. Ask anyone who's come close to death, or lost someone close to them, or discovered they have a serious disease and they'll say the same thing: that the little things don't matter, F**k It... enjoy life in every moment for what it is, not what you want it to be... worry less, live more... remember what's important and forget the rest. John and Gaia have taught F**k It Retreats in Italy and around the world since 2005. They have taught thousands of people how to say F**k It: how to ease up, let go, and feel the natural flow in their lives. F**k It Therapy makes available for the first time the process they teach during their week-long retreats. With their six-part process, you are guided through how to deeply relax and let go, then how to carry this out into your life. You find out about the F**k It State and how to access it, you learn the principles of F**k It Training and then discover what F**k It Living really is, and how you can live every moment in a free, relaxed and F**k It way.

Publisher Hay House, Inc
Release Date
ISBN 9781781800010
Pages 360 pages
Rating 4/5 (14 users)

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