Dynamic Police Training

As police work has become increasingly professionalized, classrooms have become a preferred environment for training. However, the best preparation for police work has traditionally been conducted on the job. Dynamic Police Training partners the experienced law enforcement officer’s "street-smart" perspective of what makes training work with a professional educator’s "book-smart" approach to writing curriculum to achieve the best results in police training programs. A results-oriented handbook for police trainers seeking clear and definitive information on curriculum development, the book facilitates training designed to develop students’ critical thinking skills, physical competencies, and in-depth understanding of concepts such as use of force, consequences of failure, and value-based judgment. Authored by a former police officer and trainer with over 14 years of experience in the field and the classroom, this volume: Examines the typical strengths and limitations of police trainers and describes how to build on existing skills Explains how to go beyond the lecture and slide show format to make police training an interactive and thought-provoking experience for students Translates the theoretical basis of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills training into police-oriented language Outlines the methods for developing high-quality law enforcement instructional content Provides a step-by-step construction guide for law enforcement lesson plan development with versatile templates included for the reader’s use Understanding how to write an interactive curriculum that allows police officers to achieve mastery of skills in the classroom is what differentiates outstanding training from the mediocre. Dynamic Police Training helps police trainers who deliver, revise, or develop training programs in the academy and beyond, enabling them to achieve top-notch training results within the confines of the classroom setting that translate into real results on the street.

Publisher CRC Press
Release Date
ISBN 9781439815892
Pages 182 pages
Rating 4/5 (95 users)

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