Dreams of Peace

It is but natural for all humans to have dreams. However, some build castles in the air, and some harness their dreams to jostle others mind-sets with a view to catapult the cause of common good to new heights. The latter is what Jogi Dhillon does in his new book. While traversing through Asia, Europe, and America, Jogi Dhillon has had firsthand experience of envious, vengeful, greedy, hateful, and selfish conduct at all levelsbe it social, cultural, ethical, religious, or political. This has affected his perceptive mind, and he feels that the present generation seems to be oblivious of the truth that world peace is being threatened by its less than considered decisions. He is warning us that the world is going a wrong way and course correction is imperative. He reinforces his arguments to coax us to redefine our notions even at the cost of repetition. Being a simple man, Jogi Dhillon suggests ridiculously simple solutions for various problems. If his effort stirs someones soul, his aim would be more than achieved. Reviewed by Chris Anthony Ferrer

Publisher Trafford Publishing
Release Date
ISBN 1490744673
Pages 130 pages
Rating 4/5 (74 users)

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