Dream Awake

It’s been said it cost nothing to dream, that it’s just a fallacy, a simple means to an end to escape the mundane routine of boredom, that it’s just a quick fix to numb your senses from frustration and a cheap buzz to fill the void of a lack of passion. Allow me to spare you the suspense. There is no overnight success. The reality of any dream is only as real as you are! Through this book, it’s my personal goal to help you open your mind to what is actually possible and to what is really worth living for, to teach you that it’s not about finding a life but rather creating one through self-belief, discipline, and commitment, to show you that everything you lack in life and you believe that’s the reason why you can’t succeed is the only fallacy. I come from the same place you do, heartbreak, failures, setbacks, and plenty of rejections. We all have history. We all have a painful past. Believe me, I’m no different. I found my purpose that gives me fulfilment, and I want to share with you how I did it, and that there is no happily ever after without taking a chance. To dream awake is two-in-one. What I dream of, what I want only becomes real when I awake to who I truly am.

Publisher Page Publishing Inc
Release Date
ISBN 1662439164
Pages 246 pages
Rating 4/5 (62 users)

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