Python for Developers

TAGLINE Master python programming language in easy steps DESCRIPTION It is said that learning Python is easy, but if a learner did not get the right path, then things can get complicated. This book is designed in such a way that you start from basics, followed by advance levels and then move on to some industry-related modules. The initial chapters are written in a simple manner; some chapters are of advance level. Start from the data structure of Python, such as string, list, tuple, and dictionary. The function and module chapter will let you know how to organize a large code. The built-in functions and modules like collections will give you greater flexibility to write efficient codes. The "time" chapter is very important when we deal with time-related things. The mid-chapter contains the advance chapters such as regular expressions, interaction with OS, and multithreading. These chapters are helpful when we want to search the pattern, run the OS commands, and execute the program in parallel. The last chapters are specially designed from an industry point of view. In order to ensure a high quality of code, we use config-parser to avoid hard-coding and logger to log the events. In the multiprocessing and subprocess chapter, you will learn creation, execution, and communication between the processes. KEY FEATURES Start from basics of Python Control statement, loop structure, break, continue, and pass statement Detailed description of Python data types: string, tuple, list, and dictionary with the help of example Organizing code using function, modules, and packages Saving text and complex data in text, pickle, and JSON files Learn the use of time and time zones Parallel execution with the help of threading, multiprocessing, and subprocessing Helpful modules for industry WHAT WILL YOU LEARN Python for developers is created by taking beginner and intermediate programmers. The book starts from scratch and takes you to the advanced level. After learning advance levels, you will learn parallel programming using multithreading, multiprocessing, and sub-processing. The book will provide information on modules which will be helpful form industry perspective. The book also contains the question for the preparation of the interview. You will also learn the difference between Python 2.7 and Python 3.7. Some of the chapters include an advance part, which will give an in-depth knowledge of the chapters. WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR This book is for whoever wants to learn Python and aspires to become a developer or work on projects. Beginners can read this book easily; however, a little knowledge about the programming concepts would be helpful. Basic knowledge of computers would suffice. Table of Contents 1. Introduction to Python 2. Python Operators 3. Control statements and loop 4. Strings 5. List and tuple 6. Dictionary and sets 7. Functions 8. Modules 9. Exception handling 10. File handling 11. Collection 12. Random modules and built-in function 13. Time 14. Regular expression 15. Operating system interfaces 16. Class 17. Threads 18. Queue 19. Multiprocessing and Subprocess 20. Useful Modules

Publisher BPB Publications
Release Date
ISBN 8194401879
Pages 420 pages
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TAGLINE Master python programming language in easy steps DESCRIPTION It is said that learning Python is easy, but if a learner did not get the right path, then
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