China Inside Out

An in-depth look at the forces and trends changing China and its place in the world China has dominated the news for nearly a decade and will continue to grab headlines as it moves inexorably toward becoming the world's largest economy. It already has the largest middle class in the world; the most Internet users; the largest army; and is the world's largest polluter. Yet all this growth causes problems as China adapts to the laws of other lands in which it has investments; learns how to meet international guidelines and safety standards for its products; stretches its resources to the limit; and struggles to maintain stability and control over an increasingly restive population. China Inside Out explores the social and economic forces unleashed by China's relentless drive to modernization. Bill Dodson presents the stories of average Chinese workers, along with interviews with experts interlaced with his own experiences. The end result is an insider's view of the forces reshaping China as it takes an increasingly prominent role in the new world order. Looks at the trends reshaping China and reveals how China's place in the world is evolving Written by an industry analyst, advisor, and business manager in China, who is also a columnist for the China Economic Review Explains important changes for investors and business leaders interested in China For business leaders, investors, and China watchers, China Inside Out offers a truly in-depth examination of China's changing role in the world.

Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Release Date
ISBN 9780470826461
Pages 256 pages
Rating 4/5 (60 users)

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