An Introduction to Practical Biotechnology

Bioprocess technology involves the combination of living matter (whole organism or enzymes ) with nutrients under laboratory conditions to make a desired product within the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, biotechnology, fine chemicals and bulk chemicals sectors. Industry is under increasing pressure to develop new processes that are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective, and this can be achieved by taking a fresh look at process development; - namely by combining modern process modeling techniques with sustainability assessment methods. Development of Sustainable Bioprocesses: Modeling and Assessment describes methodologies and supporting case studies for the evolution and implementation of sustainable bioprocesses. Practical and industry-focused, the book begins with an introduction to the bioprocess industries and development procedures. Bioprocesses and bioproducts are then introduced, together with a description of the unit operations involved. Modeling procedures, a key feature of the book, are covered in chapter 3 prior to an overview of the key sustainability assessment methods in use (environmental, economic and societal). The second part of the book is devoted to case studies, which cover the development of bioprocesses in the pharmaceutical, food, fine chemicals, cosmetics and bulk chemicals industries. Some selected case studies include: citric acid, biopolymers, antibiotics, biopharmaceuticals.

Publisher Firewall Media
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ISBN 9788170088790
Pages 544 pages
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